June 22, 2024
How Defense Attorneys Differ from Other Kinds of Attorney

There are various details which make attorneys different. Everything from the type of law they practice to how they go about practicing it.

A defense attorney can handle both criminal and civil disputes. A prosecutor exclusively handles criminal cases and does not handle issues involving property damage, child support, and other civil problems.

Defense lawyers and prosecutors might have challenging or manageable workloads based on several conditions. For instance, factors like where they are located, their level of experience, and the size of their company can all impact the quantity and intensity of the cases they manage. Although the amount of work they have may differ, public defenders often handle more cases.

The same can be said for other types of lawyers. Take a disability attorney in Melbourne, FL for example. This attorney will often do business in the immediate vicinity. This is so they can see their client in person. They also know the area’s judges and court system. Their job is to prove to the court that their client is disabled and unable to earn a proper living. This task differs greatly from someone trying to prove their innocence.

There are attorneys of all stripes that will travel and meet their clients anywhere if the price is right. Remember, this attorney would be basically unable to take on other cases while they are traveling and handling this case, so the fees will be very high.

As you may have seen with high profile cases, like OJ Simpson for example, attorneys in his case traveling from all over the place. Famed defense attorney F. Lee Bailey traveled from the East Coast as did several other members of the legal team. The cost for this case was enormous. When it was all said and done, OJ spent $6 million on his “dream team”.